Balinese massage comes from the exotic island of Bali. For thousands of years this island was a stopping point for ships traveling from India, China and Thailand. So Balinese massage drinks from various sources and traditions.

    Balinese massage therefore combines numerous and varied techniques from stretching, different types of acupressure, kneading, using not only the hands, but also elbows, knees or feet.

    The application of Balinese massage achieves important relaxing, therapeutic and healing effects, especially its positive effects in the treatment of migraines, muscle and joint pain, sleep disorders, stress, anxiety and depression, allergies and respiratory difficulties such as asthma.

    It can be said that all these knowledge applied with wisdom and delicacy manage to relax the muscles and stimulate the whole body to reach the state of integral harmony.

    The main characteristic of traditional Balinese massage is its powerful therapeutic, healing and relaxing effect.


    The anatomical energy points that work are 107 distributed throughout the body and are points where veins, artery, nerves, tendons, joints and bones converge. With massage these points are activated to provide multiple benefits and physical and mental relaxation.

    It is made with natural oils, whose smells have a calming and sensual effect that leads to states of deep relaxation.

    It is performed throughout the body and tries to reach the deepest tissues by applying a medium / high pressure.

    It is considered one of the best adjuvant treatments in weight loss treatments, so much so that 10 sessions of this type of massage eliminates cellulite.

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